Building your future airport, today

In late 2011, Tampa International Airport officials began updating the Master Plan for the Airport’s 3,300-acre campus. The final plan, approved in 2013, allows the Airport to accommodate up to 34 million passengers each year, and is divided into three distinct phases: Decongestion, enabling and expansion. It allows a “build as demand dictates” approach to growth, with phases based on passenger volume.

The first phase, which was substantially completed in 2018, helps decongest the curbsides, roads and Main Terminal. 

Phase 2, which broke ground in 2019, includes a curbside expansion and 35-acre commercial development around the Rental Car Center. The commercial development area will feature an office building, convenience store with gas station, hotel, a commercial curb to accommodate transit and other ground transportation, and connections to regional trail networks. The curbside expansion includes 16 new express lanes exclusively for passengers without checked luggage.

Phase 3 includes the construction of a new Airside D with 16 gates capable of handling both domestic and international flights.

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