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Other Career Contact Information


Airlines - For all areas of airline work including aircraft cleaners inquire at the individual airline ticket counters, located on Level 2 of the Main Terminal

Apply online at the individual airline websites


ABM Parking Services - Cashiers, Parking Attendants, Drivers and Inspectors

Apply online at www.ABM.com


Fixed Based Operators (FBO) - Line Service Tech., Aircraft Maintenance and Building Maintenance



LSG Sky Chefs - Airline catering company positions include Driver Helpers, Food Preparers, Assembly Cooks and Sanitation Workers

(813) 879-1900


Marriott Hotel - Hotel and Restaurant positions

Apply at the Airport Marriott Hotel, Human Resources, office level

Job Line (813) 282-5712


Crystal Mover Services, Inc. - Operation and Maintenance of automated people mover SkyConnect

For employment opportunities contact: Kamau "Mau" Tookes at kamau.tookes@crystalmoverservices.com or call (813) 870-5008


Rental Car Companies – Customer Service and Rental Car Servicing


Pemco World Air Services - Aircraft Maintenance

Apply on line at www.pemcoair.com


Security/Skycap Companies - Security Guard, Airside Access Control, and Skycaps


Super Shuttle - Shared Ride Service (727) 571-4220, Ext. 0


Smarte Carte - Luggage Cart Rental Company (651) 666-9120


Flagship Facility Services​ - Cleaning and Maintenance Service



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