Arriving Passengers

Flight Status

We're ready to welcome you to Tampa International Airport! If you're preparing to board a flight, you can check to see if your flight is on time. If you're coming here to meet an arriving passenger, check the Flight Status before coming to the airport.

Baggage Claim
Guides baggage claim

Baggage Claim is on Level 1 of the Main Terminal and is divided into Red on the north side and Blue on the south side. Signage above escalators and elevators will tell you on which side your airline is located. 

This level contains:

  • All ground transportation, including taxi cabs, limos and hotel shuttles
  • Escalators and elevators to the train station for Economy Parking, Rental Cars and Remote Curbside for public buses.
  • Rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, can pick up on this level or at the Remote Curbside. A service fee of $5 will be added to the cost of the fare.
  • Public telephones
  • Restrooms
  • Courtesy phones for local hotels and off-site rental cars as well as for passenger paging
  • Bagport/luggage carts
  • Skycap service
TPA Tips
  • You can’t proceed directly from the Red to the Blue side on this level. To cross over, take the elevator or escalator up to Level 2, then cross the lobby and take the elevator or stairs down to Level 1. 
  • Electronic signs over the escalators down to the Baggage Claim Level display the correct baggage claim belt for each incoming flight.
Ground Transportation
TPA ground Transportation

There are variety of ground transportation options between Tampa International Airport and surrounding destinations. Choose from various companies under public transportation, shared ride and taxis.

  • Red Baggage Claim: Pick up all ground transportation at the exit nearest to Baggage Belt #9
  • Blue Baggage Claim: Pick up all ground transportation at the exit nearest to Baggage Belt #7
TPA Tips
  • If you’re traveling by taxi to downtown Tampa or the cruise port, there is a maximum flat-rate fee of $25 to either destination. 
  • Alora Transportation offers discounts for additional members of a group going to the same address.
Parking Options
Guides airport parking

If someone is picking you up, they can park and wait in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot until you've arrived and claimed your luggage, then proceed to the Main Terminal. The Lot has restroom facilities, flight information and free WiFi.

If you'd rather they greet you inside the Airport, have them park in the Short Term Garage.

TPA Tips
  • Parking under one hour is free in the Short Term Garage.
  • Waiting for arrivals in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot is free and so is the WiFi.