Master Plan Documents

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA) initiated the Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU) process in November, 2011 for Tampa International Airport (TPA).

The purpose of updating the Master Plan is to provide the Authority with a refreshed blueprint for short- (five-year), intermediate- (10-year), and long-term (20-year) development of the Airport that takes into consideration changes that have occurred since the completion of the last AMPU completed in 2005. An update to the plan is due as a result of major changes in the economic climate that occurred shortly after the completion of the previous planning effort significantly impacting the industry over the last six years.

The change in the economic climate was a significant contributor to dynamic changes that have taken place in the aviation industry and particularly in the commercial airline segment of the industry.

The successful completion of this update is the result of an intensive and collaborative effort among stakeholders, which included HCAA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airport tenants, and the public. The HCAA Board adopted and approved the AMPU on April 4th, 2013.

Master Plan Documents

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