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For your convenience, TPA's most recent financial reports, official statements, rating agency reports, debt management policies and other fiscal information relating to TPA's debt portfolio are added frequently to this site. Please be sure to check this page often. TPA provides certain information relating to its outstanding bonds and notes to the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system, operated by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) each year. TPA also provides notices of any "material events" to EMMA. See the sections titled "Continuing Disclosure" in the Official Statements below. Many of the documents posted are in PDF format. To obtain a free PDF reader, please visit the Adobe website.


Financial Reports ARCHIVES
Year-To-Date Report (Unaudited) YTD Financials
Quarterly Report (Unaudited) 3rd Quarter FY17
Operating & Capital Budget FY18 Budget
FY17 Budget
Amended FY2017 Capital Improvement Program - Schedule 6
FY16 Budget
Audited Financial Statements FY16 Audited Financial Statements
FY15 Audited Financial Statements
FY14 Audited Financial Statements
Annual Report Current Year

Bond-Related Information

Current Offerings - Preliminary Official Statement
No offerings at this time


Official Statements
General Airport Revenue Bonds, 2015 Series A, Subordinated Revenue Bonds, 2015 Series A (AMT) and 2015 Series B (Non-AMT).pdf
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority TIA Customer Facility Charge Rev. Bds., 2015 Series A (Non-AMT) TIA Customer Facility Charge Rev. Bds, 2015 Series B (Taxable).pdf


Rating Agency Letters   
Moody's  07/01/2015
Moody's (CFC Bonds) 07/23/2015
S&P 07/07/2015
S&P (CFC Bonds) 08/04/2015
PDF iconFitch 07/21/2015
 Kroll 07/09/2015
Kroll (CFC Bonds) 08/05/2015


Trust Agreements
Revenue Bonds Senior Trust Agreement with Amendments Through 2015
2015 Supplemental Trust Agreement
2015 Subordinated Supplemental Trust Agreement
Customer Facility Charge Trust Agreement

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